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Nakisa Beigi is a visual artist of Iranian descent who resides and works in the United States. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Drawing.

Beigi's art is deeply rooted in her personal history, seamlessly blending traditional Persian imagery with contemporary elements to produce works that reflect her experiences as an immigrant living between two cultures.

Her art explores themes, including identity, gender, politics, and cultural experiences in both her native country, Iran, and her adopted home, America.  Beigi's artistic approach seeks to delve deeper into these complex themes by integrating historical motifs with imagery taken from popular culture and contemporary media, while also utilizing elements of individual stories and collective memory. Through her artistic practice, Beigi navigates the varied potentialities, underscoring the dual influence of her two homes on her work.

Beigi's interdisciplinary work is characterized by her traditional design and studio art practices, which she integrates with a diverse range of media. Her work exhibits a focus on design, human interaction, storytelling, typography, illustration, painting, drawing, photography, collage, installation, sculpture, and performance art, all of which she employs to communicate her ideas.




MFA in Visual Art– GPA: 4.0

School of Visual Art and Design University of South Carolina

January 2020 – May 2022 (Completed)


Bachelor of Art in Graphic Design – GPA: 3.7 School of Visual Art and Design

Marlik Institute of Higher Education February 2007 – June 2012 (Completed)






Graduate Student Recognition Award (GSRA) in Entrepreneurship and Creativity, Hosted by Graduate Student Association.


Directors Award, in photography Competition, The In Art Gallery, Website


Ranked 4th in photography Competition in The National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE)Art Contest: Colors of Science, United States


Ranked 2nd in Nationwide Book Cover Design Competition, “Hidden Contempt, the Pull of a Specious

Paradise” by Celeste Shirecliffe, United States


Ranked 2nd in Contemporary Art and Nature Festival at Milad Tower, Iran 2015

Ranked 3rd in Contemporary Art and Audiences Festival, “Bhola Forest Breathes”, Iran


Ranked 1st in Oil Painting Competition, Besat High School, Iran Ranked 1st in Carpet Design Competition, Besat High School, Iran


Ranked 1st in town level in Black and White Photography, Art and Culture Competitions, Iran Ranked 3rd in Mazandaran Province in Photography, 16th Festival of Art and Culture, Iran


Ranked 1st in Graphic Design Student Competition, 21st Festival of Art and Culture, Iran






Group Exhibition, Stormwater Studios, Cultural Heritage, Creative Expression, Columbia, SC

Panelist of, Our Own Work, Our Own Way: Ascendant Women Artists, Columbia Museum of Art, SC.

Group Exhibition, Women, Life, Freedom, Columbia Museum of Art, SC. 

Group Exhibition, ArtFields2023 Competition, Lake City, SC. 

Tour guide of, Unique Perspective Tour of Reverent Ornament, Columbia Museum of Art, SC


MFA Thesis Exhibition, MacMaster Gallery, Columbia, SC

Group Exhibition, The Art of Being Woman, Richland Library Main, Columbia, SC


Participated in a Global Digital Collective Artwork composed of individual artworks that were showcased on a giant billboard in the streets of Manhattan, Expo Metro Group, Manhattan, NY

Online Group Exhibition, photography, The in Art Gallery, Website Online Group Exhibition, Ceramic, The In Art Gallery, Website

Group Exhibition, 66th Annual juried student exhibition, Mac Master Gallery, Columbia, SC

Group Exhibition, across borders: contemporary artists explore migration and Displacement, High Point         University, High Point, NC.


Group Exhibition, Avant-grad, MacMaster Gallery, Columbia, SC

Online Group Exhibition, Colors of Science, The National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE), Website


Group Exhibition, Art and Nature, Milad Tower, Tehran, Iran


Group Exhibition, Bhola Forest Breathes, Contemporary Art and Audiences Festival, Mazandaran, Iran

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